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TED Talks Inspiring Generations

Inspiring stories on TED talks discuss a variety of ideas of how the future will evolve through the use of technology. Experts point their opinion on many areas of technology that provide benefits for all individuals The growing increase of artificial intelligence Use... read more

Root Zone Key Signing Key (KSK) Rollover

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL ISPs AND TELECOS One of the internet’s most vital pieces of security infrastructure will soon be updated for the first time: ICANN is changing the Root Zone Key Signing Key (KSK), a cryptographic key pair that helps ensure web users reach... read more

Internet Trends 2017

Trends are an important aspect in today’s digital world. They provide popular things that occur in the internet with the use of smartphones, tablet and laptops. This link provided below will demonstrate a learning experience on what is trending and why it has... read more

Democracy in the Digital Age

Stanford University are offering students to increase their learning capacity about citizenship. In this day and age democracy is needed for a better world and the outcome  prepares people become people. All Somalia students should take the opportunity to showcase... read more

WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Africa has been affected from the global cyber attack that has impacted over 150 countries worldwide. The attack has brought measures that need to be implemented for further threats never happening again.... read more

Executive Order on Cyber Security

As of the cyber attacks that has had an impact on hospitals in the United Kingdom and multinational cooperations, the white house executive order of cyber security is increasingly strengthened to accomodate the intense scale of attacks.... read more

How Blockchain can bring benefits for the poor

As funded by the Gates family, their objective to distribute used technology to others that have it tough has inspired all people. To read more about this fantastic insight Please click the link below... read more

Internet Society The link above provides an insight into how the internet is changing the way Africa is educating it’s people.... read more

Oxford Internet Institute

Part-time MSc in Social Science of the Internet Students have the ability to further enhance their IT skills to become the professionals of tomorrow. With credits to Oxford University in the United Kingdom, students have the ability to learn masters and phd in Social... read more

Top 3 Security Issues in Infrastructure IoT

The biggest IoT cybersecurity issue is passiveness – not being proactive enough with your infrastructure’s ongoing cybersecurity needs. For more info click the link below read more